An accidental lightning bolt on a stormy day revived the TV, which was peacefully lying in the dump, and it went about its business. 

The TV walks from one checkpoint to another. You need to press the button to use an ability (whether it be a jump, a turn, acceleration, etc.) and thereby help the TV set overcome obstacles. Player can switch the TV channel (change ability) when he standing near checkpoint.

This game works with one button! It may be any button you like.

Controls: You can play with the gamepad, keyboard, mouse and touch screen

  • Pressing the volume button in the upper right corner; M, select - volume change .
  • Single click in checkpoint: channel switching.
  • Hold a button in checkpoint: exit from checkpoint.
  • Single click/ hold a button: use ability.

Icon of current ability is a logotype of selected channel in upper left corner.

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